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I wrote my first 'book' when I was young and through my teens I remember sketching out scenes and developing plots in my daydreams. The summer before my freshman year in college, I sat down and tried to write my first romance. After having read them for years, I assumed the creation side of things would be as easy as the page turning. I was wrong! After many more attempts and many reams of paper, I finally got one in pretty good shape and got serious about trying to be published. I feel very lucky to have found a wonderful agent and to be linked up with a spectacular editor.

I get asked why I write romance novels a lot. Maybe that's because I'm a lawyer and I look like one (I have a dozen different black suits which I wear to the office and dark, serious glasses). I assume people think I should be turning out non-fiction or maybe they're surprised that I'm aware love exists in the world. On occasion, I also get hit with the back slapper that lawyers are great at screwing people so the sex scenes must be a breeze for me. (They aren't.)

I write everyday and I've been doing this for about three years straight. It doesn't matter if it's only 20 minutes or it's for six hours, the important thing is to sit myself down and get those fingers moving. Right now, I'm working full time so it can get tight but as a friend of mine pointed out while I was gripping about stress, it's not work to do something you love, is it?

Well, actually, it is. Getting from the planning phase to the first draft and through the editorial process is intense. I wasn't ready for how much work it would be and it's affected my perception of books! I used to be able to go into a bookstore and dance blithely through the shelves. Now, I get totally overwhelmed by how much human effort all those spines represent.

I was talking to another romance author the other day and she and I both agreed that we felt lucky to be able to write. There have always been stories and characters dancing in my head and I have to say that I'd much rather be with them than a lot of people who happen to be 'real' in the three dimensional, living and breathing, meaning of the word. Getting a chance to let my imagination run free on a regular basis has been one of the great blessings in my life.

I really like to talk with writers. Because writing is such a solitary endeavor, I find it helps to check in with others to get reassurance that you aren't crazy- although I suppose it's a little like asking another inmate in the asylum if it's okay to hear voices in your head. I hope you'll email me with your own successes, trials and tribulations!


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