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(August '07 Silhouette Special Edition)
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(January '06 Silhouette Special Edition)
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An Unforgettable Lady and
An Irresistible Bachelor

One sister has wealth beyond measure, the other has only a hidden secret: two women from totally different worlds find love in a pair of dramatic, emotionally captivating books...


An Unforgettable Lady
(March 1, 2004)
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  A beautiful woman pursued by a serial killer. A hard-hearted bodyguard. A passionate love that changes the course of two lives.

Grace Hall lives in the lap of luxury, surrounded by gorgeous things and glittering people but when a serial killer marks her for death, she finds herself totally alone.

She hires John Smith as her protector and finds a passion she never dreamed of, in a tough man from a different world. Beneath his brash self-confidence, she sees the potential for true love in him and it becomes clear that, although he's nothing she's ever wanted before, he's everything she needs.

At first, Smith is convinced Grace is only what she appears to be - rich, pampered, beautiful - so he isn't concerned about the hot desire he feels for her. He's a man with total faith in his self-control and he has no intention of getting involved. She's a client, she's in danger and she's not his type, anyway. But the longer he's with her, the more he's impressed by her courage and strength, tested by her honesty and intelligence, tempted by her very presence. Soon, he realizes he'll never find another like her and he's caught between what's professional and what he wants.

As the killer gets closer, and the emotional stakes get higher, Grace and Smith face a crucial choice. Whether to follow the rules or follow their hearts.

Reviews at a Glance

Romantic Times
Top Pick! 4 1/2 Stars
"Searing tension and intense emotion add special flair to this sensational romantic suspense. With just a few books, Bird has established herself as a large presence in today's romance genre." - Jill M. Smith, Reviewer, Romantic Times



An Irresistible Bachelor
(March 31, 2004)
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RITA nominee for Best Contemporary Romance

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  Callie Burke has lived her life on the fringes of high society, the unacknowledged daughter of a powerful man. After a lifetime of being second best, she's not about to repeat her mother's mistake and give her heart to a man who's out of her league. But then she meets Jack Walker, the scion of one of America's oldest families. Her career as an art conservator is just getting started and working on his priceless new painting is exactly what she needs professionally. She's also intensely attracted to him, even though he's rich, prominent and a hard-nosed businessman- exactly what she always swore she'd stay away from.

Jack Walker always gets what he wants and he wants Callie from the moment he sees her. Except he's not a free man. Recently engaged, he realizes after meeting Callie that he's with the wrong woman. It's a mistake he's willing to rectify, even if it means breaking off a relationship with someone who's from his world.

Their passion is undeniable but Callie is wary of being hurt, torn between her past and her hopes for the future. To win her heart, Jack must prove that love means more to him than money and she's the only woman for him.


Heart of Gold
(June 2003)
Available at Amazon

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Carter Wessex is an archaeologist
on a mission.


She wants to find a fortune in missing gold but she needs permission to dig on Farrell Mountain first. The trouble is, sexy Nick Farrell is renowned for keeping people off his property. When Carter approaches him anyway, sparks fly at their first meeting. The ruthless corporate raider doesn't want his vacation home disturbed by yet another trespasser, even if she's a beautiful one. Things change when he realizes Carter, who is the estranged daughter of another financial tycoon, could be useful to him.

When Nick invites her to come to the mountain and dig, she's suspicious of his change of mind and well aware of his ruthless reputation. But, as she gets to know him, their initial attraction becomes an undeniable passion. As skeletons are unearthed, and the details of the gold's disappearance are gradually unveiled, they embark on a love affair which touches Nick's heart in a special way. He realizes he's falling in love with her but tragically, it's too late. His plotting is revealed before he can stop the events he put in motion and Carter suffers a betrayal so deep, she fears she will not recover.

Can Carter forgive the man she's given her heart to and learn to trust him again? Will the mystery of the gold be solved? As Carter comes to the end of the dig, she finds more than she ever bargained for up on Farrell Mountain.

As a child, I spent my summers in upstate New York on a crystal clear lake and knew my memories of the place would be the perfect backdrop for a romance. I hope you enjoy Carter and Nick's love story!

Reviews at a Glance

*Romantic Times Gives Heart of Gold a TOP PICK and 4 1/2 Stars! "Jessica Bird is on a roll and keeps getting better with each new book. Powerful emotions spill out from her characters, making them fascinating and poignant. A hot new talent!" - Jill M. Smith, Reviewer

Huntress Reviews
5 Stars!
(Reviewed by Detra Fitch) ***** I LOVED Jessica Bird's debut novel last year. I figured either the author had beginner's luck or was really, really talented. The second book would tell the tale. Well, here it is and the verdict is (insert drum roll here) "PURE TALENT!"

Jessica Bird writes much like the contemporaries of Jayne Ann Krentz. If you have not read a book by Jessica Bird, you are missing out. This author will become very well known in the near future. This story is A MUST! *****

The Romance Readers' Connection
41/2 Plugs!
(Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth) Last fall, I had the opportunity to review Ms. Bird’s debut, LEAPING HEARTS. At the time I said, “This stunning debut is sure to launch a fabulous career for this new author.” Her second story proves she is an author to watch. Once again, Ms. Bird has wowed this reader. I anxiously await her next book and hope it will not be too long a wait.

Leaping Hearts
(August 2002)
Available at Amazon

Read the Excerpt!

A.J. Sutherland is a woman who knows her own mind. She also knows a good horse when she sees him.

Even though everyone thinks she's crazy for buying a rogue stallion no one can seem to tame, she is determined to turn him into a champion. Recognizing she needs help, she approaches Devlin McCloud, a world champion who has suffered a career ending tragedy. When he reluctantly agrees to train her, they embark on an adventure that has as much to do with pounding hearts as it does with pounding hooves!

From their first meeting, their chemistry is electric and, though the course of their love is complicated, their romance prevails against forces that threaten to drive them apart.

On a whim in 1999, my future husband and I went to an outdoor horseshow in late September. It was a perfect fall day in New England, the horses were beautiful, the action in the ring was exciting and that's where I got the idea for Leaping Hearts. I was an equestrian, back when I was younger and less frightened by the realities of gravity, and it was wonderful to return to that world of flying hooves and soft muzzles. Even better, though, was getting to watch the love bloom between these two extraordinary characters. I am thrilled to have had the chance to write about them and I hope you get the same joy I did from their remarkable romance!

Reviews at a Glance

*Nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice for Best Contemporary Romance

(Reviewed by Shelley Mosley) "Readers who loved National Velvet as children and are fans of Nora Roberts' classic horse books... will savor every well-written page of Bird's impressive debut novel."

Romantic Times
****1/2 "This romantic drama has it all, from action to acts of courage, all of which makes for an emotionally enthralling read."

Huntress Reviews
(Reviewed by Detra Fitch) ***** This is one truly awesome story! The author has a few sub-plots to keep the readers on the edge of their seats, while managing to give each of the two main characters their own set of problems AND a shaky romance! Well done, Jessica Bird! Highly recommended reading here! *****

Escape to Romance
Reviewer Erin B. gives LEAPING HEARTS four roses and writes "A coming of age love story, LEAPING HEARTS is a tumultuous tale of two people trying to sustain both a personal and professional relationship. Jessica Bird's debut novel is perfect for a rainy day!"


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